The Regional Master’s Program in Peace Studies – offered by the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Political Sciences – is an advanced inter-disciplinary program offering expertise in four specialized fields: peace and conflict theory, development, and mediation.

    The program is the first regional master’s program in Peace Studies, providing a unique perspective and high-quality education. The regional mobility of students, professors, and practitioners, and articulation of local/regional specificities in the context of global dynamics offers a distinctive viewpoint. In addition, critical reading of relevant theories, along with in-depth training in methodology, results in exceptional knowledge acquisition. Besides enhancing theoretical and methodological capacities in the area of peace and conflict studies, the program offers students the opportunity for independent research and the option to take part in collaborative problem-solving projects.

    The overarching aim of the program is to enable students to develop their theoretical knowledge, diagnostic capacities, and practical skills related to preventing and resolving complex conflicts. By completing this master’s program, students will be simultaneously empowered as researchers and peacemakers.