The Program is guided by this regional cooperation and is the result of a three-year project of institutional cooperation with SCOPES (Scientific co-operation between Eastern Europe and Switzerland), funded by the Swiss Science Foundation. The main objectives of the program are to:

  • promote the values ​​and culture of peace through academic education and scientific research;
  • promote non-violence and non-violent means of communication, develop a culture of tolerance, and strengthen the idea of intercultural dialogue and trust;
  • develop critical thinking aimed at acquiring theoretical foundations for achieving sustainable peace;
  • create a community of researches and professionals committed to further promoting peacebuilding in the region and in other post-conflict areas in the world;
  • encourage scientific exchange and cooperation in the region, and promote the mobility of students and professors between Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia.

Apart from its regional approach, the advantage of the Program also lies in the range of topics it addresses – including, among others, the identification of the causes of the outbreak of violent conflicts and ways to overcome them, reconciliation and transitional justice, and the development of a culture of peace and non-violent communication – which gain even greater significance when considered in the context of the post-conflict dilemmas and obstacles evident in the region. The Program involves three Universities (in Belgrade, Sarajevo, and Zagreb) from countries recently involved in conflict, and in that way actively contributes to the reconciliation process that is still ongoing in the region. The involvement of partner institutions from Switzerland is of great value, too, in light of that country’s history of neutrality and the practical skills these partners have in the field of mediation.